02 December 2012

8 days before he scores TWO!

Last year his 1st birthday celebration was so humble. Mula-mula celebrated with close friends kat KLCC then with family members at Melaka. So, this year I am hoping that I can make a proper birthday bash for him. Tapi............
Mommy is now super busy. So tak sure lagi is there any birthday bash as mommy's plan. huhuhu sorry my little baby. Maybe I will organize it masuk 2013. Hopefully, InsyaAllah!

You may be little in size, but you bring loads of happiness to everyone around you. I can't wait for the day that you are old enough to read and understand this heartfelt wish on your Birthday.

MAMA & PAPA love you so much!

06 November 2012

The only post for 2012?

It have been so long not to write here!
And my son is almost TWO years old this year.
hurmmm... Soon will make a come back. Wait okay?