21 November 2009

@>--- Great-Great Weekend!

“Three things tell a woman: her eyes, her friends and her favorite handbag.” haha quote ni memang kene skali dgn wut was happen during this weekend. I met my buddies at Bubba Gump for gossiping, a new handbag and jalan-jalan wearing my sunglasses =).




What is this happiness thing anyway? When I was a small girl, I remember an ad that said, "Happiness is chocolates, go shopping with mom, get a new bicycle..bla..bla.." Tapi skarang if you ask me I will say, the happiness thing is to be with my beloved hubby (he's sleeping at the couched now..and I have to wake him up for football match another a few minutes)

Owh, apa yang menarik hujung minggu ini?

Morning :: Bangun pagi, goreng meehun for hubby..breakfast sama-sama.

Afternoon :: Drive to Mutiara Damansara (fuhhh jammed teruk coz road nearby Riana Green is closed to public..menyusahkan!)
:: Jumpa Chah and Nanna..mmwaaahh2 (nady, wish u are here..huhu) at Bubba
Gump(nice food..beverages and waitress too) for lunch and gossiping
:: Pi jalan2 kat The Curve and after that sambung gossip kat Coffee Bean!

Eve :: Pi beli barang kat IKEA(not for me okkie but for my officemates) with hubby and jejalan.. (terserempak ngn Mie & Jane..lama tak jmpa!)
:: Ada hati nk tgk 2012..but once again..suma tickets are selling fast..
(buang karan jaa kalau beratur pon)
:: Teman hubby makan @ Uncle Lim (credit to his Laksa Johor & Honey Lemon
:: Go to Cold Storage to buy few groceries..(coffee, Nona Pan Cake Flour,
Smucker's Toppings Caramel and Broad Beans (utk tengok bola punyaa).

Nite :: Make a pan cake (makan panas2 dgn caramel topping + neslo panas)
:: Berehat - rehat

Owh seronok betui minggu ni..especially dpt hang out ngn Nanna (walaupon sat sangat rasa)..but hereby the captured of our moments @>--- ;

actually ni lunch for Nanna & Chah..I dah makan, tapi lepas tu dgn I skali terjebak..so I ordered Choc Pie with vanilla ice cream.hihi

Nanna kasi..Thanks Nanna!!

Coffee time!

After jmpa Nanna & Chah (thanks gurls!!), jalan-jalan dgn hubby di IKEA and IKANO..tetibe teringat nk buat pan-cake for dinner (dah lama dah teringin).

Mula-mula nak makan dgn Mapple Syrup..tapi bila tgk harga die..mak aiihh cancel..lain kali pulak, tunggu hubby dapat gaji..hehe


Next weekend? Raya Haji..yeayyy!

07 November 2009

We have been friends together..in sunshine and in shade =)

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. "Pooh!" he whispered. "Yes, Piglet?" "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's paw. "I just wanted to be sure of you."

Me and Nady are like Pooh and Piglet (I la Piglet tu..hehe)

Dulu, when we first met, I tak sangka that we can become closer and best friend!

Masing - masing busy with studio life (that I was among the earliest person who stayed in studio that time)..untill kitaorang pergi ke Bangkok in August, 2005. Time tu me and Nady were stay in the same hotel room.

Then, from there lah we become bebeh and darl untill now...

Are we like two volumes of one book? hahaha the answer is YES...walaupun kekadang masing - masing berpegang pada own principal..but yet kami serasi.yeahh =)

For those yang blum pernah jmpa Nady..I can describe her as a loyal friend, a true one, soul-mate and I like her because she smiles at me and means it..(kalau tak tak der la dier ciom pagar umah bila tgk I..hihi sorry JLoH-Nady's carGETZ)

To Nady;

This post is my special tribute to our friendship..and I luv u so much..mmwwaah!
hehehe..ah, how good it feels after I write this! =)

05 November 2009

050609 Remain


First time aku menulis blog U____U

First time memulakan research life di cubicle office..(sejuk duhh and kat sini baru aku rasa serious sikit nk reading theses, journal n wuts not)

5 months now menjadi wife kepada Muhammad Khairul Kamal (thank you hubby for loving me..I luv u)

Hopefully my life onwards akan terus dilimpahi segala rahmat, kesenangan and kebahagiaan..AMIN

At my cubicle aku dengar PhD students duk discuss pasal research diaorang..and tetibe aku rase ngeriii..arrrghh!!

Tapi takper..takper..this is much much more better than aku duk kat umah (even I have my own study room) and aku duk mengelat - ngelat tgk The Biggest Looser sambil makan junkfood..hahaha lagi bagus aku duk kt office!heh

And those pictures mengambarkan how happy and lucky I am to have a man who really loves me..even though kekadang aku tau yg aku ni "stubborn" tak kene gaya..
So this first writting will be just simple..short tapi bermakna la kan..


Owh hereby I letak jugak a few peektures taken from photographer's collection. enjoy!