25 January 2010

Wishes for Cinta..Thank you!

Dua Puluh Enam Januari Bertemu

Menjalani Kisah Cinta Ini
Naluri Berkata Engkaulah Milikku
Bahagia Selalu Dimiliki
Bertahun Menjalani Bersamamu
Kunyatakan bahwa Engkaulah jiwaku
Akulah Penjagamu
Akulah Pelindungmu
Akulah Pendampingmu
Di setiap langkah-langkahmu
Pernahku Menyakiti Hatimu
Pernah kau melupakan janji ini
Semua Karena kita ini manusia
Akulah Penjagamu
Akulah Pelindungmu
Akulah Pendampingmu
Di setiap langkah-langkahmu
Kau bawa diriku
Kedalam hidupmu
Kau basuh diriku
Dengan rasa sayang
Senyummu juga sedihmu adalah Hidupku
Kau sentuh cintaku dengan lembut
Dengan sejuta warna


Esok genap setahun kami engaged!
This morning, sambil makan cucur bilis for breakfast, I said to my hubby "Awat kita tak kawen lepas kita 1 year engaged? Kalau tak mesti kita kawen dekat - dekat time ni"
Then my hubby says, "Macam la lagi best, hari - hari ada orang sambut hubby balik keja, masak, hug-hug.." (sambil duk belek - belek lappy, dia duk comment apa ntah kat fb)

I bukan nya apa, bersyukur dapat kawen cepat lepas 4 months engaged ngn my hubby. Cuma kalau boleh, rasa cam nak buat balik all the caremonies.. Nak buat concept lain la..nak buat itu nak buat ini..(dah nama pon manusia tak pernah puas ngn apa yg dia dah buat kan.hehe)

Apa pon yang belum terjadi or dah terjadi dalam hidup kami, I promise that to take care of our marriage. Hingga ke hujung nyawa orang kata. Semoga Allah merestui dan merahmati kami, AMIN.

Since I knew my hubby (in 2005), it gave so much impact to my life. Belajar erti sabar, pengorbanan dan banyak lagi. And yang paling penting, Kamal memang jadi pembimbing pada aku..dalam banyak hal. Aku paling suka saat lepas sembahyang jemaah dan cium tangan hubby. Then hubby cium ubun - ubun sambil kata, "Hubby sayang honey".

Satu ja, to all married couple out there, selalu la appriciate your partner. Not only by saying tru words, tapi kene selalu buat keje umah, mop lantai, kemas bilik, masak dan lain - lain lagi..hahaha

P.S: To my husband MUHAMMAD KHAIRUL KAMAL for all his love and continuous support, patience & LOVE


22 January 2010

Why do I use L'Occitane?

I love L'OCCITANE because...

L'OCCITANE has drawn inspiration from Mediterranean art de vivre and traditional Provencal techniques to create natural beauty products devoted to well-being and the pleasure of taking care of oneself. Nurtured by encounters and journeys, the brand has grown and developed. While it continues to focus on authentic products, it also chooses to work with committed producers who set rigorous standards. There is a story behind all of our products, most often related to the land of Provence: an ancient technique (essential oils), an AOC controlled-origin label (lavender, olive), a forgotten traditional cultivation (almond) or, as in Burkina Faso, Africa, a sustainable development program (shea butter).

Last year, I got one set of body care from my fiance (now he's my fav hubby!) on our engagement day (January 26th is the day).

*gift from my fiance

Currently I'm using these type of product by L'Occitane;

*Verbena Foaming Bath

*Citrus Verbena Shampoo

*Citrus Verbena Daily Use Conditioner


*L'Occitane Hand Cream

The hand cream is the one I like MOST! Tidak berminyak, but selalu rasa lembab ja tangan you..(especially when you always duduk dalam air-cond 24/7). Dah nak habis, so nak kene cari satu nearby outlet (senang coz ada satu outlet di The Curve which is very very dekat ngn umah I).

Tapi according to Chah, Crabtree product pon best jugak, but at this moment..I really like wut I'm wearing now. Just to share the info. Ok gtg dah lewat (almost 830 pm and I'm still in the office). Satgi hubby balik dr  office, blum smpai rumah ( I travel Kota Damansara-Shah Alam everyday). Till then, daa.


Actually it happen last week, we went to OU and hang out dengan my hubby's frenz (even though Kamal worked that day and I had lecture on research writing)..Lama tak jumpa Harry & Shaz and not forgotten Cik Norli. Kerol dh slalu jumpa..but still Kerol is a must bring buddy to Kamal (best frenz la katakan..)

We all main bowling & had chit chat session sambil makan waffles (I called it Waffle Slab- structure yg slalu ada kat basement parking..hehe) Because waffles dia sangat besar okkie and served with variety selections that u like (from the menu)..

*These are Herry & Shaz

*Ini Cik Norli

*Khairul Nazhi aka Kerol

Lepas perjumpaan tersebut, me and hubby went for window shopping..Ingat nak carik sling bag kat Nine West, tapi tak ada yg berkenan. But we did bought a Khaki Jeep pant for hubby at Parkson, col-dark blue.

*Add sikit this sengal's pic

That was saturday event la..then Sunday, early morning..we both antar my MIL to Sunway Resort coz she was attending a conference there. Kita orang lepak that area, makan nasi lemak.. (plus 1 roti telur) and had window shopping kat Sunway Pyramid. But at last  bought something (alasan) kat Elle Boutique (cannot tell wut), and a few stuff for hubby's new office (mug, selipar jamban..etc).

After fetched my MIL, kitaorang ke PPUM to visit Shakila (Amin's wife). Sian Shakila, seminggu kene tahan kat ward. 2 weeks before, baru ja lepak minum Starbucks together. Get well soon Shakila!

Then, ajak hubby to Midvalley (sebab dekat-alasan lagi). Then kat sana, purposely nya untuk lunch sahaja kat TGI Friday. owh, and view some books at Borders.


* Really love the color scheme of this restaurant-inside Pyramid

 * I really adore stuff yg berstructures cam nih-outside Pyramid

*and building that enveloped by glass curtain wall like this one-next to Pyramid

*view this book, I will buy it on my next visit

*while waiting for our lunch @ TGI Friday

*muke penat

 *hubby eat this
 *wifey eat this fettucine

Yuyyaa this weekend dah abis, next yuyyaa??

20 January 2010

Choosing Interior Color

As many know, I am a lecturer (in UiTM), an interior designer (freelance) and now full-time researcher in IGS Department, FSPU. So today, I would like to share an article about choosing interior color, considering psychology in interior design.

Color not only feeds the eye but has both physiological and psychological components. The following provides a nutshell description of what each color conveys psychologically and how it can affect the viewer physically.

Do you want to paint your room blue? If so, you´re in good company. Blue is the favorite color of both genders. Depending on the shade, blues relax, soothe, and make us feel more spiritual and centered. Blue is intuitively chosen for bedrooms for just this reason. It also improves productivity, so a good blue might be the right choice for a kids´ rooms where they will be studying.

Blue is also considered to be a clean color, so it works well in bathrooms and laundry areas. Blue seems to work less well in kitchens...maybe harkening back to our primitive instinct to avoid blue foods. When blues are used in connection with food, they can have the effect of suppressing appetite, which could be a good thing if you want to lose weight.

Red has the opposite effect of blue; it increases blood pressure and respiration rate. Red also makes people lose track of time and stimulates appetite. Red is a powerful color so it´s is generally best used as an accent. However, certain shades like orange-red and brown-red may be muted; they are cozy, comforting earth colors like terra cottas, brick, and cinnabar.

Using red makes a powerful statement, so red furniture and accessories should be clean and in good condition. Ratty red furniture is likely to look REALLY ratty...not just marginally ratty.

Yellow tends to cause more eye fatigue than any other color. It increases metabolism and upsets babies. People also tend to lose their temper more often in yellow rooms. Yellow often makes many people feel cheerful, energetic, and happy.

Buttery shades are easier to live with long term than bright, sunflower yellow. The range of yellows is vast and some lend themselves more readily to decorating schemes than others. Yellows also frequently prompt more opinionated feelings than other colors. People who like it, really like it and people who don´t, tend to dislike it intensely.

Greens represent a vast range of natural colors and, for that reason, appeal to many. Like blue, greens tend to calm and relax; it´s a healing color.

For interior color schemes, olive and sage greens seem to be appealing because of their neutral character. Lighter shades of both are easy to live with for a long time. Both combine well with many colors. Dark greens are favored as traditional banker´s colors like burgundy, ruby, and sapphire blue. Yellow greens and muddy greens are relatively unpopular. Chartreuse is one of those colors that delivers a big punch, but gets tiring quickly; as such, it might be better to use it in small doses.

Oranges are warm, welcoming, and vital. Melon, tangerine, and yellow-orange mango are bright, cheerful, and tend to improve appetite. Used in kitchens, breakfast nooks, and dining rooms, orange shades can be very comfortable.

Historically, purple is the color of kings. It may arguably be the most opulent of colors, and often connotes mystery or spirituality. Purples run the range of the red-purple such as eggplant to the blue-purples of a summer sky at sunset. Saturated purple is a dense, dark color that can provide a potent punch of color with great impact. As a tint, purple tends to lavender and is one of the daintier colors favored by many young girls. In certain shades, it can become a subtle, but very flexible neutral.

Do you have a teen who wants to paint their room black? If you find yourself balking, you might be able to head them off at the pass by letting them know that black is a color that denotes submissiveness (i.e., the cleric´s black robes and submission to God). On the other hand, if you are like many, you find black to be timeless, classy, and sophisticated.

Dark colors generally make rooms seem much smaller than they are, so unless you enjoy cocooning, black might not be a great choice for background color especially on walls. Also, painting over black generally takes more than two coats of paint, which makes it a nuisance to cover later.

Still, the number of color combinations using black are huge, though some like orange and black tend to have holiday connotations that would be downright irritating year in and out. One current trend is mixing a neutral room with some pieces of black furniture. The effect can be very elegant, and provides a contemporary twist for a traditional room. Black used with a mix of white and brights often looks very modern.

Pink is an interesting color because it has the cultural associations of being feminine, but it goes farther than that. Research shows that pink rooms reduce angry behavior at least temporarily. Some attempts have been made to use pink in prisons to control aggressive prisoners.

Pink generally is a comfort color and is favored by many for its sweet, childlike appeal. It´s a good choice for a young child´s room; young girls often like pink and lavender combinations.

Grey tends to enhance creativity, which can make it a good color for offices and studios. Grey is also favored as an executive color. As a neutral, grey provides an unobtrusive background for an infinite number of color combinations.

Greys on walls are often very liveable for a long while, provide an flexible neutral background for furnishings, and can be extremely stylish. Greys can be buttoned down and traditional, modern and contemporary, or beach house friendly.

Brown is all about security, credibility, and reassurance. It also tends to be soothing and comfortable. Browns wear well and are good for rooms that get a lot of use like family rooms. Browns also work well with spicy or warm colors.

Like greys, browns span a broad range of neutrals and, depending on the shade, are appropriate for almost any room. Combined with unexpected colors like pale blue, fuschia, or chartreuse, browns can be exciting and sophisticated.
(Courtesy of Demesne)

Once you've decided on a color palette, a painting pro can make short work of your project.
Decide what color that you want, to create your mood in your space. ENJOY!! By the way, next time I will put an article about home concept. Hope everybody like to read it.

08 January 2010

January's Special

*January is actually our engagement's month and these
pictures are tribute to my lovely hubby because
without those memories, we are nuthin'

Must have been the right month
Must have been a good time
Must have counted every cloud in the sky that night
Every single glass of wine

Must have learned some home truths
Sitting in that cool grass
Must have counted every blade in that emerald field
Every shooting star that passed

Should have had a talk with God
Sitting in the great unknown
Watching all the lovers in the world get together
Sitting in Heaven all alone

And we were love's knot after summer
Tied together in the dead of winter
Wrapped up with spring fever in the air
Bound together in the autumn
Every month means a little something
But January is the month that cares

Must have kissed you 'till I hurt you
Must have been a wild night
Must have rolled in the ashes at the break of day
Rag dolls in the morning light

Must have found a secret place
Hiding in our own world
Must have counted every smile on your sweet, sweet lips
Every single sound we heard

Beautiful January described by Sir Elton John