29 May 2010

Delicious Blog!

Salam everybody. You all dapat rasakan tak that this year moving so fast. Gosh- dah end of May! And I rasa almost 1/2 year nie apa yang I dah buat or belum buat? But I'm going to be very very busy dengan my research study..my checklist for the baby..and lots more on my interior project. Tak per, bring it on 2010!
My lil bro datang KL last week. I temankan dia amik offer letter at Berjaya Building. Then jalan-jalan kat Sungei Wang Plaza dan I found this delicious blog!

Sangat sedap ok. Ada macam-macam flavours. Cendol, ABC, Choc, fruity, vanilla..and you can add the topping jelly (chinese suka this jelly-diaorang suka minum teh mutiara and put this thing). I choose ABC blog with topping while my lil bro choosing Choc blog.

My Blog!

I think this blog is unique because after prepare the blog, they will seal it properly using a  machine (nak amik photo, but I takut aunty ni halau I kang nanti).


16 May 2010


My husband kene food poisoning last Friday. MC dua hari. Dyhydrated.. so terpaksa la ber-rehat-rehat di rumah coz kalau dia pergi kerja pon, his work involves him a lot of outside works. Nak hilang more H2O? No..no.. sila berehat untill you recover ya Mr. Designer.

So, today he's fully recover from the sickness. But we still afraid to eat heavy lunch like rice. The alternative for today is...SUBWAY! Coz healthy, and both of us love vegies very much! Antara kebaikan SUBWAY compare to burger-burger di luar sana ialah:

To Reduce Fat and Calories

Many vegetables are naturally low in calories and fat free. Request items such as raw vegetables, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, or pickles.
Limit the amount of cheese, bacon and creamy dressings used.
Ask for mustard or vinegar instead of mayonnaise or oil.

To Reduce Sodium
Limit items such as cheese, bacon, salt, mustard, mayonnaise, jalapeno peppers, olives and pickles.
Top your sandwich with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, green peppers and onions.
Try the Olive Oil Blend and vinegar on your salad instead of dressing.

To Increase Fiber
Make sure to include lots of vegetables on your sandwich or salad.

(Photos and infos are courtesy of http://world.subway.com/)

Ada three types of sandwich choices. Name it! The best part kita boleh pilih roti yang kita nak, sayur apa yang nak letak (I suka put everything except olive) and choice of sauces, mayo, and mustard. Our lunch today are:

(Hubby's-No 10, Roast Beef)

(Wifey's- No 6, Subway Melt)

Dare to try?


12 May 2010

Maternity Clothing

Alhamdulillah, now I'm 7 weeks pregnant. Setakat sekarang, I'm not facing with morning sickness cuma lil bit tiredness and memilih makan ( if I'm eating fried rice, I will put a side the shrimp & union leaves-padehal dulu fav). Harap-harap baby akan terus give a good cooperation to mommy untuk menyelesaikan research sampai abis ok?

But then, I need to change my wardrobe.
I need a fresh and fun selection of maternity clothing that is hip & trendy..of course untuk ke office and untuk g jalan-jalan ^_____^
Here's some idea in my mind..hehehehe (sengih-sengih kambing sambil mengharapkan hubby baca this entry~

*fashion fav dari zaman single, t-shirt with cardigan

*mix and match, t-shirt with jacket

*long sleeve like this

*or short sleeve

*colors & V-neck

*I saw one at Zara outlet


09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my mothers

Semoga Hari Ibu dirai dengan penuh keceriaan dan kuiringi doa dalam setiap langkahmu agar kau sentiasa dilindungi-Nya setiap saat dan waktu.
Selamat Hari Ibu
 (Those words that contain in the cards for our lovely super duper WOMEN in the world)

*My Mama & My Mak
Love you both till the end

P.S Happy Mother's Day to all mommies in the world

05 May 2010


Allah, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.
I am most thankful to Almighty Providence for mercies received.
Thank you Allah for this.

03 May 2010

May 1st

Last year, on May 2009 I was really busy preparing my wedding caremonies. This year, early May was awesome! Even a short weekend for me (supposely kitaorang balik on Monday, but hubby got a phone call from client..and no- Monday leave have to be cancel). But it's ok, I still enjoyed the May 1st, weekend with my parent, parent-in-law & brothers. Sabtu, after had a good enough sleep, ajak my mom makan tengah hari di Tanjung Dawai. 45 minutes from Alor Star. Tetiba nak makan nasi panas, gulai, ikan bakar..bla..bla.. at simple small gerai, but sedap.

*Q. Waiting for Jelajah 1 Malaysia to cross over

*Gulai nangka

*Siakap & sotong bakar

*Lawan nya..

*sambal udang

*sambal petai+kerang

*kerabu taugeh

*air tebu fresh!

Sunday, went to Pekan Rabu, beli barangan kiriman officemates ku. Basuh keta drive-tru, then makan buah+air cincau kat Mr Young Man nearby Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid.



*mix fruits together dengan assam sambal


and the winner of all photos is

*his new crocs