05 June 2011

Destined by love for 2nd anniversary celebration

Happy second anniversary to us!

As time wears on, the newness wears away;

Passion turns to pleasurable play;

Preference becomes necessity.

Years are markers towards a transformation

Slow and unobtrusive as a tide

Elevating vessels side by side,

Changing both, but ever in relation.

On this, our second, then, may our rejoice,

Nestled in the chamber of our choice,

Destined by our love for celebration.

*syukur ALLAH for HIS bless.


  1. happy 2nd anniversary fisya..moga jodoh kekal sampai akhir hayat and dapat baby yg comei2..

  2. happy 2nd anni too...handsome la baby boy fisya ni..macam daddy dia la..