21 November 2009

@>--- Great-Great Weekend!

“Three things tell a woman: her eyes, her friends and her favorite handbag.” haha quote ni memang kene skali dgn wut was happen during this weekend. I met my buddies at Bubba Gump for gossiping, a new handbag and jalan-jalan wearing my sunglasses =).




What is this happiness thing anyway? When I was a small girl, I remember an ad that said, "Happiness is chocolates, go shopping with mom, get a new bicycle..bla..bla.." Tapi skarang if you ask me I will say, the happiness thing is to be with my beloved hubby (he's sleeping at the couched now..and I have to wake him up for football match another a few minutes)

Owh, apa yang menarik hujung minggu ini?

Morning :: Bangun pagi, goreng meehun for hubby..breakfast sama-sama.

Afternoon :: Drive to Mutiara Damansara (fuhhh jammed teruk coz road nearby Riana Green is closed to public..menyusahkan!)
:: Jumpa Chah and Nanna..mmwaaahh2 (nady, wish u are here..huhu) at Bubba
Gump(nice food..beverages and waitress too) for lunch and gossiping
:: Pi jalan2 kat The Curve and after that sambung gossip kat Coffee Bean!

Eve :: Pi beli barang kat IKEA(not for me okkie but for my officemates) with hubby and jejalan.. (terserempak ngn Mie & Jane..lama tak jmpa!)
:: Ada hati nk tgk 2012..but once again..suma tickets are selling fast..
(buang karan jaa kalau beratur pon)
:: Teman hubby makan @ Uncle Lim (credit to his Laksa Johor & Honey Lemon
:: Go to Cold Storage to buy few groceries..(coffee, Nona Pan Cake Flour,
Smucker's Toppings Caramel and Broad Beans (utk tengok bola punyaa).

Nite :: Make a pan cake (makan panas2 dgn caramel topping + neslo panas)
:: Berehat - rehat

Owh seronok betui minggu ni..especially dpt hang out ngn Nanna (walaupon sat sangat rasa)..but hereby the captured of our moments @>--- ;

actually ni lunch for Nanna & Chah..I dah makan, tapi lepas tu dgn I skali terjebak..so I ordered Choc Pie with vanilla ice cream.hihi

Nanna kasi..Thanks Nanna!!

Coffee time!

After jmpa Nanna & Chah (thanks gurls!!), jalan-jalan dgn hubby di IKEA and IKANO..tetibe teringat nk buat pan-cake for dinner (dah lama dah teringin).

Mula-mula nak makan dgn Mapple Syrup..tapi bila tgk harga die..mak aiihh cancel..lain kali pulak, tunggu hubby dapat gaji..hehe


Next weekend? Raya Haji..yeayyy!

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