22 January 2010


Actually it happen last week, we went to OU and hang out dengan my hubby's frenz (even though Kamal worked that day and I had lecture on research writing)..Lama tak jumpa Harry & Shaz and not forgotten Cik Norli. Kerol dh slalu jumpa..but still Kerol is a must bring buddy to Kamal (best frenz la katakan..)

We all main bowling & had chit chat session sambil makan waffles (I called it Waffle Slab- structure yg slalu ada kat basement parking..hehe) Because waffles dia sangat besar okkie and served with variety selections that u like (from the menu)..

*These are Herry & Shaz

*Ini Cik Norli

*Khairul Nazhi aka Kerol

Lepas perjumpaan tersebut, me and hubby went for window shopping..Ingat nak carik sling bag kat Nine West, tapi tak ada yg berkenan. But we did bought a Khaki Jeep pant for hubby at Parkson, col-dark blue.

*Add sikit this sengal's pic

That was saturday event la..then Sunday, early morning..we both antar my MIL to Sunway Resort coz she was attending a conference there. Kita orang lepak that area, makan nasi lemak.. (plus 1 roti telur) and had window shopping kat Sunway Pyramid. But at last  bought something (alasan) kat Elle Boutique (cannot tell wut), and a few stuff for hubby's new office (mug, selipar jamban..etc).

After fetched my MIL, kitaorang ke PPUM to visit Shakila (Amin's wife). Sian Shakila, seminggu kene tahan kat ward. 2 weeks before, baru ja lepak minum Starbucks together. Get well soon Shakila!

Then, ajak hubby to Midvalley (sebab dekat-alasan lagi). Then kat sana, purposely nya untuk lunch sahaja kat TGI Friday. owh, and view some books at Borders.


* Really love the color scheme of this restaurant-inside Pyramid

 * I really adore stuff yg berstructures cam nih-outside Pyramid

*and building that enveloped by glass curtain wall like this one-next to Pyramid

*view this book, I will buy it on my next visit

*while waiting for our lunch @ TGI Friday

*muke penat

 *hubby eat this
 *wifey eat this fettucine

Yuyyaa this weekend dah abis, next yuyyaa??


  1. Hahaha..b4 i wanted to read...i thought i saw a face familiar in the picture...

    It's a small world..ur hubby's friend, Harry (a.k.a. bulue) is one of my brother's close friend la..hahaha...

    we should meet up someday soon...it's been too long...

  2. Dyana, Harry was my hubby's ex-officemate dekat archy firm. Yupp kita mesti hang out together someday.. mesti! And Lily, fettucine dia keras sket that day, but the chicken breast on top tue sangat superb!