22 January 2010

Why do I use L'Occitane?

I love L'OCCITANE because...

L'OCCITANE has drawn inspiration from Mediterranean art de vivre and traditional Provencal techniques to create natural beauty products devoted to well-being and the pleasure of taking care of oneself. Nurtured by encounters and journeys, the brand has grown and developed. While it continues to focus on authentic products, it also chooses to work with committed producers who set rigorous standards. There is a story behind all of our products, most often related to the land of Provence: an ancient technique (essential oils), an AOC controlled-origin label (lavender, olive), a forgotten traditional cultivation (almond) or, as in Burkina Faso, Africa, a sustainable development program (shea butter).

Last year, I got one set of body care from my fiance (now he's my fav hubby!) on our engagement day (January 26th is the day).

*gift from my fiance

Currently I'm using these type of product by L'Occitane;

*Verbena Foaming Bath

*Citrus Verbena Shampoo

*Citrus Verbena Daily Use Conditioner


*L'Occitane Hand Cream

The hand cream is the one I like MOST! Tidak berminyak, but selalu rasa lembab ja tangan you..(especially when you always duduk dalam air-cond 24/7). Dah nak habis, so nak kene cari satu nearby outlet (senang coz ada satu outlet di The Curve which is very very dekat ngn umah I).

Tapi according to Chah, Crabtree product pon best jugak, but at this moment..I really like wut I'm wearing now. Just to share the info. Ok gtg dah lewat (almost 830 pm and I'm still in the office). Satgi hubby balik dr  office, blum smpai rumah ( I travel Kota Damansara-Shah Alam everyday). Till then, daa.


  1. baru plan nk try verbena shampoo tu...rambut rasa lembut dak sya?

  2. after guna conditioner mmg best..Sya pakai losyen dia kat dlm office..officemate kata bau fresh.try la Laili =D