10 March 2010

19 Fruits Miracle!

MonaVie Original

MonaVie Original is a formula composed of the antioxidant-rich Brazilian Acai berry as well as 18 other health-beneficial fruits. This proprietary blend provides you with a convenient and tasty daily intake of antioxidants and vital nutrients, boosting your immune system and energy level, and contributing to your overall health.

The Benefits

• Helps increase energy levels naturally

• Boosts immune system with antioxidants

• Source of phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals

• Promotes overall health and wellness

The Ingredients

MonaVie Original has a variety of nutrient-rich fruits, with the Acai berry being the most prominent in the juice. Other fruits include aronia, blueberry, kiwi, apple, lychee, white & purple grape, banana, camu camu, bilberry, pear, wolfberry, and apricot.

The fruits contained in this blend are some of the healthiest in the world, making MonaVie Original a very well-balanced health juice for daily use.

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