03 March 2010

Remodel your living room with furniture that you own

My sister (my senior that I knew since I was in boarding school) asked for my opinion for her living room. And she says it is a gift for her husband. Sweet kan? So I have a few images for her to choose and start DIY or I will help her on shopping part also..hehehe (I can stay for many hours at SSF of Fella you know).

If you hire an interior designer like me, we will suggest for built-in furniture (such display cabinet etc) and do renovation start with wet works (wall, ceiling, floor) and electrical work. Tapi kalau you just nak remodel your living room, these tips may help you.

*Images for modern, contemperory and tropical living room
(photo ini dipilih berdasarkan budget owner)

Tapi kene ingat, proposal ni tak termasuk wet works okay (mengecat semula, hacking etc.)
Start with the sofa and place perfectly..Bagusnya if you can mix and match your sofa and sitting unit.
Stand lamp or wall lamp..You need a warm light sometimes instead of white.

Window treatment..Consider 2 track railing for day and night curtain (Is good to place the track
up to the ceiling to give higher effect to your space height).

Carpet rugs..
Display cabinet..kalau you jenis yang suka ubah-ubah layout maybe you choose loose one..easily
remove-and solid wood is the best!
Some paintings, framed photos, and a huge clock will help a lot for the wall treatment.
Antique hanging clock like this gives character to our space.

Throw cushions (variety of color and material-thai silk etc)

Place some artificial or fresh flowers to your space (I prefer pokok berdaun like lidah buaya, keladi daun besar or pokok duit-duit) untuk nampak kan space lebih lively.

For me, tak semestinya semua furniture perlu beli yang baru. Kita boleh ubahsuai ikut concept yang kita ingin kan..contoh if you have sofa (yang fabricnya boleh dibuka-basuh) that mean kita boleh re-dye semula color fabric sofa kita ke warna lain. Dining table pon boleh cat semula (e.g: material-timber & cast iron).

Room spray and air-freshner of course!

Tapi tips ini hanya sesuai untuk concept-concept tertentu sahaja. For simplicity, hi-tech image misalnya will be different approach pulak.

Hopefully my sister like it! =D

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