23 April 2010

High Land VS Island

Lama sudaa tak update entry.
Malas nak mengUpdate even though hari - hari ngadap lappy.
Tapi rasa cam bersalah tak ader entry for April.
April is not fool.
Hujung March aritu I went to Cameron Highland, attending
Class of 99 outing. First outing ever since 11 years left school.
Best jumpa everybody. InsyaAllah after this more and more
outings to be arrange. I love you guys! Hubby pon sgt sporting
joined all my friends. Thanks darling -->P.S This was his 1st visit
to Cameron..Gosh biar betik?

* Sg Palas Boh Gallery

*Bamboo maniac

*self captured

*B for boss

*O for ongkos?

*unforgettable BBQ night


*forever friends


Then, Hubby's company family event @ Pangkor Island. And this vacation was also hubby first visit! haha..so kene la round Malaysia dulu baru boleh pergi Bali ker, Aussie ker, Europe ker.. I pon last visited Pangkor when I was in form 3. Memula bila pack barang nk pergi Pangkor we both were concern kalau - kalau bag we all yg paling besar among the others. Tapi bila smpai office hubby, mak aii..ada lagi yang besar (kalau yang family tu consider lg la bag besar..ni single pon bag bukan main bag depa)..


Di Pangkor we stay at Pantai Puteri Resort..10 minutes from the jetty..Well the room that we got was not like we thought actually..but because of it was FREE..and we both kinda of tak cerewet sangat bab - bab tido mana ni, so ok la kan..The resort view, cantik..but at nite bila nampak view Pangkor Laut Resort (opposite us)..aduhai..cantiknya.

* weeeeeeeeeeee

*orang tua

* sebelum my Esprit glasses masuk laut

Tapi 4 days vacation beramai - ramai ni best jugak. Knew new friends..tapi mostly muda - muda lagi..Next time hopefully dapat datang Pangkor but stay in better place. Last but not least, a black and white smiles from us!



  1. Enjoy each other's company while both are still for each other =D Nanti bila dah ++ ahli, payah dah..

    By the way, I had superb time seeing you also!

  2. Lily, next time we must hang out together kay!and..Dyana, we made a promise that kita org akan always happy-go-lucky..enjoy all the moments cam nie even ader babies..hehehe
    p.s sangat happy jmpa Dyana, and her big cute

  3. jeles2..sedih tak leh join aritu..for my coming baby..baby owh baby..dyana, achik tottaly agree wif u..joys are double with babies tp berangkai2 brg nak bwk..tu yg tak thn..hahaa