24 April 2010

Live Project: Space Remodeling

This projects were based on client's budget. So from there, I came out with the proposal and sketches. Then, shopped for furnitures and ready to go! So far client I happy with her new spaces!

Task 1: Bedroom

* 2 minutes sketches



But unfortunately, my client's brother tak beli color code for paint like I proposed. Colornya patut very Zen mood, coz my client nak calm ambiance.

* The curtain is not ready time amik pic ni. This is
the existing curtain.

Nanti I ambik pic after new night curtain and artificial flower dah siap letak dalam master bedroom nie.

Task 2: Living Area

*Fast sketches



*Belum siap kemas

*Curtain & console table. Hubby tgh installkan client's aquarium

*Crew dah penat =D

*Almost done

*The End*


  1. good job darl ;) bleh bukak company ni..great!!

  2. tu rumah k.ayu ke along? bila nak wat umah achik lak..? bole la harga kwn2 k..hehe..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. NadyBestGurrl

    haha..Kamal says dia nak beli MPV and paint it as design team official car!


    Aah..K Ayu nak transform master bedroom & living room. Along ikut client's budget..no worries..hehehe