29 May 2010

Delicious Blog!

Salam everybody. You all dapat rasakan tak that this year moving so fast. Gosh- dah end of May! And I rasa almost 1/2 year nie apa yang I dah buat or belum buat? But I'm going to be very very busy dengan my research study..my checklist for the baby..and lots more on my interior project. Tak per, bring it on 2010!
My lil bro datang KL last week. I temankan dia amik offer letter at Berjaya Building. Then jalan-jalan kat Sungei Wang Plaza dan I found this delicious blog!

Sangat sedap ok. Ada macam-macam flavours. Cendol, ABC, Choc, fruity, vanilla..and you can add the topping jelly (chinese suka this jelly-diaorang suka minum teh mutiara and put this thing). I choose ABC blog with topping while my lil bro choosing Choc blog.

My Blog!

I think this blog is unique because after prepare the blog, they will seal it properly using a  machine (nak amik photo, but I takut aunty ni halau I kang nanti).


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