12 May 2010

Maternity Clothing

Alhamdulillah, now I'm 7 weeks pregnant. Setakat sekarang, I'm not facing with morning sickness cuma lil bit tiredness and memilih makan ( if I'm eating fried rice, I will put a side the shrimp & union leaves-padehal dulu fav). Harap-harap baby akan terus give a good cooperation to mommy untuk menyelesaikan research sampai abis ok?

But then, I need to change my wardrobe.
I need a fresh and fun selection of maternity clothing that is hip & trendy..of course untuk ke office and untuk g jalan-jalan ^_____^
Here's some idea in my mind..hehehehe (sengih-sengih kambing sambil mengharapkan hubby baca this entry~

*fashion fav dari zaman single, t-shirt with cardigan

*mix and match, t-shirt with jacket

*long sleeve like this

*or short sleeve

*colors & V-neck

*I saw one at Zara outlet



  1. Congratulations!

    Take care, ok? I'm sure even if your hubby don't read this entry - somehow you'll managed to get him to agree with the concept ;D

  2. Thanks A Bunch Dyana!! I forced my hubby to read this entry..and so far he agrees to spend his money to my new wardrobe.haha

  3. i loike the first one & the grey one la darl..fashionable yet simple ;)

  4. Along, take care of yourself betul2 ok at this stage..doa byk2 spya yg ur baby strong..i went thru one miscarriage before..so frustating even dr ckp mmg abnormal feotus..sayang along..happy journey to motherhood..